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Pictured is Laura Faulkner, who has set up an organic baby food business.
Pictured is Laura Faulkner, who has set up an organic baby food business.

A COMPANY selling organic food for babies has been set up by an entrepreneur from Crick.

Laura Faulkner has launched the company called Earthbaby Foods to set up a range of food for infants aged five months to 10 months.

The range, which is hand-made and all organic with no salt or other additives has recently gone on the market.

Mrs Faulkner said: “It has been going really well, it has taken a lot of time to get things researched and frozen.

“Everything that I make is from scratch, including the stocks, and is designed specifically for babies.

“I originally did it for my son George and then I was doing it for other parents which inspired me to set up this business.”

However, it was only the beginning of set up the company.

She added: “There are a lot of baby foods out on the market, so I knew I would have to stand out from the crowd and from there I thought of doing organic.

“All of the meals are also frozen rather than pasteurised. A lot of baby food is which means it goes through a very hot temperature and can take away from the taste.”

Dishes include a sweet potato and cinnamom, a fish pie, chicken and apricot, beef casserole and vanilla and baby rice.

Mrs Faulkner said: “I have tried to have different things in there, so there’s a vegetarian option, a fish dish, a meat one and plenty of puddings.

“I am hoping to branch out and do Christmas meals for children, but that’s in the plan for the future.”

For further information about the company or to buy some of the foods visit