Ford say they will invest in Daventry

MONEY from a planned industrial development in Daventry is to be invested back into the town.

On Thursday night last week the WNDC’s Daventry planning committee backed plans to build a warehouse on the old Ford Sport and Social Club site in Royal Oak Way North.

At the meeting it emerged that discussions were on-going about asking Ford for less financial contribution towards offsetting the effects of the new development, in return for the company investing that money into its operations in Daventry.

Mr Whitten, from Ford, told the meeting: “Ford has been in the UK for 100 years, and for around half of that time it’s been in Daventry.

“We have a training centre on the Daventry site. It’s very old and it’s out-dated. It needs significant modernisation. That would cost a lot of money.

“The automobile industry in Europe is not going well and the ongoing eurozone crisis is not encouraging people to buy cars.

“Getting the money to develop this new training centre is very difficult.

“Disposing of this plot of land will go some way towards paying for it.”

The idea being looked at is to demolish the current training centre building and move the facility into the main building to create a “state of the art training centre”.

The company’s representatives said the move would help secure Ford in Daventry and bring extra jobs and money to the local area.

The WNDC said if the money was not invested locally, it would seek to claim it back from the firm.

Despite the application being unanimously approved by the committee, concerns were raised about the loss of the playing field.

Several members of the committee, plus district ward councillor Colin Poole said they regretted the loss of the site and said Ford should provide adequate compensation to the community, something also recommended by Sport England.