Focussing in on sight loss

A Daventry opticians have this week announced the arrival of their revolutionary eye equipment which they hope will go a long way to prevent sight loss.

Anstee & Proctor Opticians in Sheaf Street are among the first across the county to conduct OCT scans which detect sight-threatening eye conditions before they become apparent in a normal eye test.

They purchased the new OCT machine two weeks ago and have since conducted several of the non-invasive and painless scans.

Opticians owner Claire Anstee said: “I believe we are among the first in the town to use this software which can compare past scans and highlight any subtle changes to the back of the eye. This can give the patient an invaluable ongoing record of the health of the eye which we think is really important.

She added: “If you were to need a scan on the NHS you may have to wait a rather long time so having a scanner in Daventry means problems can be diagnosed much earlier and patients can take preventative action to prevent potential sight loss. And of the scans we have conducted so far we have had good feedback from our customers about how quick and painless it is.”

Anstee & Proctor charge £35 to carry out the scan and believe private treatments can cost up to £150 to the patient.

Mrs Anstee said: “We are doing the scans at a fraction of the cost because this will allow people to have it done and then take action if they need to to prevent any potential loss of sight in their eyes.

“We want people to know about it and get in touch because it really could make a difference to them.”

For more information about OCT scans visit or call 01327 702289.