Firm gets oil into top store

BRAND designed by a local firm has helped a new Greek olive oil go straight onto the shelves of one of the world’s most famous stores.

Create-a-Brand, based in Clay Coton near Yelvertoft, came up with the brand style for Olio Reddo.

The design managed to get the product straight onto the shelves of the internationally renowned food shop, Fortnum and Mason.

The brand was devised incorporating hand-drawn elements inspired by Greek and Cretan art.

The very first bottles produced by Olio Reddo were taken into stock at the London store in March.

Creative director Archie Powell said: “Our aim is to help small businesses grow into national or even global brands.

“With our branding, Nobby’s Beer, which is brewed only a few miles away, is now sold in 150 co-ops across the Midlands. Another local company we branded from start up has just made it into homestyle shop Pedlars.”