Faster broadband speeds are leaving rural areas lagging

A DISTRICT councillor has come forward to help fight for superfast broadband in his village.

Alan Chantler, who represents Yelvertoft on Daventry District Council, contacted the Gusher after reading about our campaign.

We are trying to make sure that the Daventry district gets its fair share of investment to propel the region’s internet connection into the 21st century.

But under BT’s current plans only the Daventry town and Chapel Brampton exchanges will be upgraded.

The communication giant is spending £2.5 billion in a bid to get superfast internet speeds to two thirds of the UK by 2015.

And earlier this year Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) was handed £4million from the Government’s BDUK Broadband Delivery Project.

NCC has said the best way for villages to get upgraded is for them to put forward a business case and prove to private investors that it’s worth their while.

Cllr Chantler said: “The extraordinary thing is here we are reliant on the exchange at Crick which in itself is a sub section of Rugby.

“There is so much business going on in and around Yelvertoft and I’m really surprised that BT haven’t listed this as an area to improve.

“I’ve sent messages but I’ve had no response at all. Everybody in the parish feels like this.

“And it’s not just private sector businesses that need to be taken into account. Government organisations are sending more and more information via the internet so people are being disenfranchised.

“These people making the decisions don’t know what rural life is really like.”

A spokesman for NCC said: “What we need to do is prove to the private sector that there is a need for superfast broadband in rural areas and that it’s cost effective for them to invest.

“If the private company’s know it’s worth it they will come.”

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