DIY garage hits the spot

Martin Willmot
Martin Willmot

Classic car enthusiasts and budget conscious drivers are being offered a new way to service their vehicles in a safe environment.

The Garage at Weedon Depot is offering a ‘rent-a-ramp’ service to petrolheads who want to carry out repairs to their own cars.

From changing break pads to carrying out body work, the garage provides a full range of equipment including a post lift, hoist lift as well as support from trained engineers. Martin Willmot, himself a classic car enthusiast, is behind the scheme.

He said: “People are constantly complaining to me about the cost of vehicle repairs. We were looking for some way to cater to the capable people out there.

“I saw the idea myself years ago on an American airforce base. They had four ramps with people repairing their own cars.

“You don’t tend to get things like that in Britain.

“We are going with a retro style. I think people will be attracted by the idea they can do it themselves.”

Mr Willmot said most of the people who tended to use the rent-a-ramp option had a bit of experience. He said: “They are the types who change their break pads on their drives in the rain. Here they can do it far more safely indoors. We can have parts for them in 15 minutes.

“We had two guys in the other week changing the engine on a Mitsubishi GTO.

“We have instruction manuals for many models.”

Other vehicles to have undergone a bit of DIY treatement include a Sunbeam Tiger and a Morris Minor and a brand new BMW, though MR Willmott says the rent-a-ramp service would appeal mainly to people with vintage cars.

The ramp costs £15 per hour with free overnight storage. For more information visit or call 01327 349181.