Daventry Indian restaurant celebrates 30 years

The Shahi Lounge, High Street, Daventry.
The Shahi Lounge, High Street, Daventry.

A CURRY house, which claims to be Daventry’s oldest, is marking 30 years of business.

The Shahi Lounge, in High Street, has undergone a facelift and there are plans to revitalise the inside of the restaurant.

AJay, who runs the restaurant with his cousin Aminul Islam, said: “We only came here two years ago. We came bnecause it was a nice quiet town, and we thought this would be a good business because it’s the longest running Indian restaurant in town.

“Now the restaurant is 30 years old, we’ve had a facelift outside with new signs.

“We’ve also go plans for the inside as well. We want to move a wall and redecorated.

“We’re also planning on having belly dancers in here during Daventry Arts Festival.”

Paul Hale, 59 from Daventry’s Headlands estate, has been a regular at the Shahi Lounge since it first opened its doors.

He said: “Well, I’m a Birmingham guy, and back in my youth there we used to go out, have a drink and go for a curry as many people did in Birmingham, and still do.

“When I moved to Daventry in the late 1970s there was no Indian restaurant.

“But when the Shahi opened I came here, and I’ve been coming ever since.

“They treat you well and the food is good. Once they know your tastes they’ll cook curries to suit you and they don’t rest and always want to improve the place.”