Daventry businesses now called to action

Daventry Business Forum
Daventry Business Forum

A Daventry business owner is calling on town centre traders to unite in their support of a new business forum.

Following news that the Daventry business partnership will dissolve at Easter, Ben Lloyd of Market New Media and Global Communication has begun meeting with councillors and other business owners to create an alternative scheme.

He said: “I hope we can create a better platform for communication and promotion of town centre businesses and extend the town’s reach further.

“But this will take us all working together and businesses doing things for themselves to make things happen.”

At a meeting on Monday evening Daventry town council voted to support the formation of the forum. Leader of Daventry district council Cllr Chris Millar has also pledged his personal support.

Mr Lloyd said: “Hopefully the town council can support the forum in a guidance role and in terms of events promotion and Cllr Millar has said he is happy to support us as an individual.

“In terms of the Daventry town centre vision it would be great to have a solid and unified business forum set up and working by then.”

To get involved with the business forum email ben@marketnewmedia.co.uk.