Daventry Business Partnership to close

The Daventry Business Partnership (DBP) is to close its doors later this month.

The firm, which has been running since 2004, is in talks to continue with some aspects of its work.

The partnership is closing after town centre businesses voted against the re-election of the BID last month.

A spokesman for the partnership said: “We are disappointed that the reballot for the continuation of the BID was negative, but are pleased that others think that what we have provided was worth while and that there should be another way of providing the services we started.”

The DBP is looking to close its doors at Easter, but in the mean time continues to provide the services, and at the current time are speaking to others interested in various aspects of the work of the partnership.

Sally Halson, BID manager, said: “The town council has expressed an interest in continuing the Business Crime Scheme subject to funding being available, and that the partnership had been approached by three organisations interested in picking up the www.daventry.co.uk website and also that discussions were being held with others regarding the hosting of some events such as the arts festival that have been held in the past.

“We continue to talk to all of these bodies and hope that what we have started can continue in some format.”

The DBP chairman Euan Temple said: “I would like to thank everyone that has supported the work of the partnership over the life of the BID and before, the district and town councils, the police as well as the independent and multi national businesses that have been members of various schemes and participated in special events, and of course those that sat on the board and helped drive forward new ideas.”