Cummins: MP reacts to job loses news

CUMMINS_DE_014703'Cummins, Royal Oak Way South, Daventry.
CUMMINS_DE_014703'Cummins, Royal Oak Way South, Daventry.

‘Economic uncertainty and weak global markets’ have been blamed for the impending job losses at Daventry engineering firm Cummins.

The firm, based on the town’s Royal Oak Industrial Estate, announced plans last week to shed up to 150 jobs at the site.

A mixture of shop floor and office workers are at risk of redundancy, as revealed in the Daventry Expresss last week. A spokesman for the firm said it was due to economic uncertainty which is expected to continue into 2013.

Daventry’s MP Chris Heaton-Harris, who held a meeting with Cummins managers this week, said: “I am saddened to hear of any redundancies in my constiutiency, especially from a long-standing employer like Cummins.

“I have been told it is due to the reduction in the worldwide market and if this recovers, then I would hope it will be reversed in the future.”

A Cummins spokesman said the firm was committed to Daventry, adding: “In an effort to respond to the weak demand, we are taking action to manage costs, which includes workforce reductions.

“This is difficult for Cummins and for our employees and we are taking a careful and thoughtful approach. By taking action now Cummins will be prepared to emerge stronger and more quickly from the economic downturn.

“Cummins have been in Daventry for many years, providing high quality engines to customers around the world. The difficult decision to reduce the number of employees has been made to protect the future of those remaining jobs, and put the plant in the best position for when the economic situation recovers.”