Call for action to save our shops

Daventry High Street.
Daventry High Street.

A Daventry retailer believes more should be done to bring smaller and independent businesses in to the town centre.

The call comes as the Daventry Express understands a hairdressers and a charity shop will be moving from elsewhere in the town to empty retail units on the High Street. Dawn Branigan from First Light Photographic, also in the High Street, said: “I feel more should be done to support smaller and independent businesses and bring them into the town centre.

“A reduction of business rates is something that I think would help.

“I know some landlords offer deals for smaller businesses with special rates on their first year.” The news that a hairdressers and a charity shop are moving on to the High Street was also a concern for Dawn.

She added: “For us, we are looking at increasing the footfall, the number of people who visit the High Street, and I don’t think either a charity shop or another hairdressers is going to bring that about.

“My big worry is that with the [forthcoming] redevelopment of the town, we are going to build these big units and none of the big chains are going to come to Daventry.

“That is why I think having a series of smaller independent shops selling the sort of things you can’t get online would be a better direction for the town to go in.”

Dawn posted her concerns about the future of the High Street on Facebook last week, prompting more than 80 responses in reply.