Anglian Water warns that drought is likely to lead to hosepipe ban ‘soon’

A HOSEPIPE ban is ‘highly likely’ in the next few months, Anglian Water bosses have confirmed, as Daventry continues to be one of the worst drought affected areas in the region.

Pitsford Reservoir should be almost full at this time of year, but after two dry winters levels are at 60 per cent and water treatment operations are working at half their normal capacity.

Anglian Water has warned that it may have to shut down the treatment works at the site entirely if levels continue to drop and compromise water quality.

To help cope with the pressure of the drought, the water company has put in planning permission to build two booster pumps.

This would drastically increase the flow from the much larger Grafham Reservoir in Cambridgeshire, which is more than 90 per cent full at the moment, to Pitsford Reservoir.

Paul Valleley, director of Water Services, said: “The levels at Pitsford Reservoir are exceptionally low, nearly 40 per cent lower than usual.

“It’s highly likely we’ll have a hose pipe ban, and soon, maybe before the summer.

“We don’t want to do it unless we have to but we don’t want to leave it too late.

“Northamptonshire is badly affected by the drought, but it is not just a local problem, the ban would affect the whole region.”

The company was granted a permit from the Environment Agency last year to continue taking water from the River Nene at Duston Mill despite the low water levels.

However this runs out at the end of next month and is unlikely to be renewed because of the impact on the environment.”