‘Business as usual’ for bin collections

THE company that provides bin collections and park maintenance in Daventry has reassured people that services will not be affected after 54 jobs were cut.

Enterprise, which signed a £50 million seven-year deal with Daventry District Council and Northampton Borough Council in July 2011, has let go agency staff which has led to calls for a review of the contract to discern if quality is suffering.

There have been complaints about bin collections and grass cutting across the region in recent weeks.

But partnership director for Enterprise Simone Wade said: “The agency staff who have left were sorting rubbish and we did offer them the option of staying on and working in refuse collection. That was their choice.

“We believe this move hasn’t affected the service people are receiving in Daventry.

“The grass is long at the moment because of the rainfall we’ve had recently, which means we can’t use the equipment.

“But now it’s drying up we will be out over the coming weeks cutting grass.

“With regards to bin collections we have 97,000 houses between Daventry and Northampton and would expect some margin of error, but we are hitting our targets and it’s business as usual.”