Burst water main fixed in Daventry

Anglian Water NNL-150104-125010001
Anglian Water NNL-150104-125010001

People waking up this morning in Daventry may have noticed low water pressure after a water main burst.

Anglian Water say they were notified of a leaking main on the Headlands estate several days ago, but it was not affecting people’s supply.

They arrived to fix in on Thursday night, to cause less disruption.

The initial problem was fixed at around 1am Friday morning, but as they re-pressurised the system, the main burst again.

The pipe was a 12 inch diameter cast iron main.

Workers remained on site and eventually fixed the leak at around 7.30am.

Anglian Water says supplies and pressures should now have returned to normal. Anyone finding their tap water looks cloudy or discoloured is advised to run the water for a few minutes until it clears, and if it doesn’t to call Anglian Water on 03457 145145.