Bullets left on police car roof reported to PCC

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE Police have defended the “human error” made by firearms officers who drove off while a box of bullets was still on the roof of their car.

The bullets were left on the car during a handover between crews on Sunday.

At around 11.30am they were called on an armed response to Daventry and the bullets fell off near the A43 roundabout, south of M1 junction 15a near Rothersthorpe.

Chief Inspector Dave Lawson said: “It’s pretty obvious this is human error and we’re not trying to pretend anything else.

“We have taken the decision to report it to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.”

All but five of the bullets were found and police dogs searched for those which remained.

Chief Insp Lawson insisted the bullets would ‘in all probability’ not be in a usable condition anymore.

Anyone who finds a bullet is asked to call the police on 101.