Brothers VIP invite to Disney film Planes

Jago presentation
Jago presentation

Tickets are now available foran exclusive film screening of the new Disney movie Planes in aid of The Jago Worrall Foundation.

The movie will be shown on Friday August 9 at 11.30am and Jago’s brothers Riley and Ferdie have been given VIP invitations to the screening at Cineworld in Sixfields, Northampton.

Planes will be a shown a week before its national release, giving film buffs the first chance to see the film.

The action-packed comedy adventure, following on from Disney’s Cars movies, is about a big-hearted crop duster with dreams of competing as a high-flying racer. There’s just two problems – he’s not exactly built for racing and he’s afraid of heights!

The VIP access will see Riley and Ferdie taken to the cinema in a limousine provided by Lux Limo in Daventry and then given a behind the scenes tour of the venue, as well as the chance to serve popcorn and drinks to their friends.

Jules Dodds, Cineworld deputy general manager, said: “The Jago Worrall Foundation is a truly remarkable charity, with the story of little Jago touching our hearts and we are really pleased to be involved in raising funds for such a worthy cause, helping out the local community.”

Two-year-old Jago suffered severe brain juries last year after nearly drowning in a pond at the family home in Welton.

Twelve months on he has now left the paediatric rehabilitation centre in Surrey to continue his round-the-clock treatment back at home.

Lyn Worrall, Jago’s mum, said: “Once again Barney and I are amazed and humbled by people’s generosity.

“The fundraising that has taken place is giving Jago a chance to have the best possible care and therapy that he deserves, thank you Cineworld.

“Both Riley and Ferdie are so excited about the event.”