Bronte the cat to appear on TV show

A cat from Daventry will be appearing on a television show tonight (Tuesday).

Bronte, who lives alongside owner Caroline Bailey-Read in Daventry, is one of the cats featured on the programme Cats Do The Funniest Things. It will be broadcast at 8pm on Channel 5.

Bronte the cat in a still from the Three advert

Bronte the cat in a still from the Three advert

The cat was the star of the Sing It Kitty adverts on behalf of mobile phone provider Three (see video).

Narrated by comedian Iain Lee, tonight’s show includes priceless clips of cats playing musical instruments, cats in costumes, cats on hoovers, and cats attempting to find their way out of sticky situations.

This festival of all things feline also features the cat-loving owners who dream up these imaginative video ideas for their precious moggies, and the bloggers who have made a fortune cashing in on the popularity of online cat stars.

In addition to the uproarious clips, cat behaviour experts are on hand to analyse and explain the physiological characteristics of these most beloved pets.

Bronte’s owner Caroline said: “I believe that Bronte will be one of a number of cats to be featured on the programme. There will also be cats that have become famous on the internet.

“It is slightly surreal to see my cat on the television. You’ll be watching something one night and an advert will come on with Bronte on it. It is a little bit bonkers, but a nice experience.

“I have got a little more used to it now as I have been to pet shows and photoshoots. There is also going to be some merchandise with Bronte on, so it has been a very busy year.

“I’ll be looking forward to seeing it.”

The 51-year-old added that she has had Bronte since the cat was 12 weeks old, with the cat now one-and-a-half.

Mrs Bailey-Read added: “It has been a busy year for the both of us. We will be doing a public appearance that is currently pencilled in for February 14.

“It is nice, we both get recognised because Bronte was such a big star last year. Also, I have shock of pink hair so we do get recognised quite a lot.

“However there is a downside. People think that we made a lot of money out of the Three adverts. All we got out of it was expenses, but it was nice to see Bronte on the television.”

For those who can’t see the show tonight, it can be seen by visiting