Broken glass on Daventry field sparks fears

Pictured: Tim Wills and his dog Gemma, who recently cut her paw on broken glass in a nearby park.
Pictured: Tim Wills and his dog Gemma, who recently cut her paw on broken glass in a nearby park.
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CONCERNED parents and teachers fear it is a matter of time before a child is injured by broken glass shards continually left behind at a town playground.

Many residents in Ashby Fields have refused to walk over the field at Wimborne Place which is a popular meeting point for teenagers.

The field, which neighbours Ashby Fields Primary School and Busy Bees Nursery, is a busy route for schoolchildren.

Parent Jen Hitchmough of Ashby Fields said: “There is definitely a problem and we walk a different way home now. We actually changed our route because of the glass.”

“I regularly notice teenagers on the field and afterwards see bottles left around.”

Headteacher at Ashby Fields Neil Balliston said: “I think the problem for us is that our youngest children play on the playground which is adjacent to the skatepark.

“On a weekly basis we are having to clear glass away from the paths outside the school.”

He added: “Sooner or later there are going to be some shards of glass we miss and I’m worried a child may fall over and cut themselves.”

Mr Balliston said the area is in its worst state on Mondays after the weekend, which often sees anti-social behaviour.

Dog owners too have refused to walk over the field.

Ashby Fields resident and dog owner Tim Willis recently complained to Daventry District Council (DDC) about the glass on the field after his Jack Russell Sapphire cut her foot open on July 31.

Sapphire lost a pint of blood and needed urgent veterinary attention running up a bill of £400.

Mr Willis, who claims disability benefits after having three operations for a spinal injury, said he could not afford to pay the bill.

He said: “To be honest it could have been a lot worse because it is disgusting the amount of glass I have seen up there.

“It would only have taken a child to walk over it and it could have been ten times worse.”

Mr Willis’ complaint has been logged by DDC, however, it is contract company Enterprise who deal with the maintenance of the field.

Simon Bovey, deputy chief executive at Daventry District Council, said: “Our contractor Enterprise is aware of the litter issues in this area and has already increased the frequency of litter picks to try to help alleviate the problem.

“The issue of glass is often caused by antisocial behaviour and the Daventry District and South Northamptonshire Community Safety Team is in the process of tackling the problem to help reduce incidents in the area.”

Mr Willis has been asked to keep an ‘anti-social behaviour diary’ logging any disturbances for the council to address in the future.