Broadband campaign backed by businesses

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BUSINESSES in the town centre have given their backing to the Daventry Express’ campaign to get better broadband for the area, branding it “absolutely essential”.

They are the latest set of people in the town to back the campaign to make sure the Daventry district gets its fair share of investment when high internet speeds are rolled out across the county. Northamptonshire County Council is spending £34 million on superfast broadband through government grants and private investment.

And business people in the town have told the Gusher it is essential for the town to get faster broadband.

Director of Global Communications in the High Street, Stephen Westley said: “We were having to reset the broadband system once a week and we would lose it for about an hour.

“We have had to get a lot of mobile dongles as a back up for when the internet goes down in Daventry because it is so unreliable.

“We use the internet for all of our stuff so it is absolutely essential for us to have a better broadband speed.

“A lot of our customers are now coming in and getting smart phones with internet access and they are finding they can get faster speeds using these rather than a traditional landline.”

Managing director of Orchard Print Services in the High Street, Janet Head, said: “We rely on the internet 100 per cent for everything that would be used in a regular office.

“This includes research and sending and receiving large files.

“We need to get faster broadband in Daventry and I would back the campaign fully because it is definitely needed.”

Daventry Business Partnership manager Sally Halson said: “I’m fully behind the Gusher’s broadband campaign.

“Superfast broadband is essential for the existing town centre business community but also key in attracting new business and investment into the town. I’ll certainly be signing the petition.”

To sign the Gusher’s petition call into our office on High Street or visit and search for Daventry.