Broadband boost for two villages

BROADBAND speeds will be improved in two villages after a £100,000 investment was announced.

Internet provider TalkTalk is spending £50,000 in both Long Buckby and Weedon as part of its Next Generation Network (NGN) programme.

The NGN enables download speeds of up to 14mbps, enabling many customers to get a 50 per cent increase in broadband speeds.

The Daventry Express has been campaigning for the district to get a fair share of any investment to help propel the district into the 21st century.

Many of the villages, and some parts of the town, currently suffer with chronically low internet speeds.

In March it was confirmed that no more internet exchanges in the district will be upgraded this year, leaving Daventry and Chapel Brampton as the only ones with any superfast access.

And although this latest investment will not provide superfast speeds it is seen as a step in the right direction.

The work involves TalkTalk carrying out its own equipment upgrade at the exchanges in Long Buckby and Weedon.

Long Buckby parish council chairman Steve Osborne said: “This investment is very welcome in the village.

“Any financial initiative by any company aimed at improving broadband speeds in rural areas is good news for the people who live in those areas.”

Weedon Parish Council clerk Sue Halkett said: “Any sort of income which means everything can work faster in the village is a good thing.

“I hope other utility companies take steps to upgrade their systems as well.”

TalkTalk is also sponsoring Long Buckby Football Club for the next 12-months, with the money being put towards flood lighting for evening practice for the junior teams.

TalkTalk commercial director Tristia Clarke said: “To date TalkTalk has spent £600m nationally and will cover 93 per cent of the country when the roll out is completed later this year.

“By installing equipment in the local exchanges TalkTalk can offer even better value services and innovative products to its customers.

“For a limited time TalkTalk is also offering six-months phone and broadband free of charge.”