BREAKING: Daventry teenager sentenced for involuntary manslaughter

Stanley Harrison NNL-141217-103832001
Stanley Harrison NNL-141217-103832001

A 18 year old Daventry teenager has been sentenced to five years and three months in jail for involuntary manslaughter.

Haranaryan ‘Ryan’ Johal, 18, had pleaded not guilty to murdering his friend Stanley Harrison at his house in Newbury Drive, Daventry on June 14 this year.

Judge Rupert Mayo said Johal is likely to spend half his sentence in jail, and taking into account time spent on remand, he is likely to spend just over two years in prison.

After just over three hours of deliberation the jury at Northampton Crown Court found him guilty of involuntary manslaughter, and not guilty of murder.

Stanley was left with a knife wound in his neck after a ‘silly’ argument with Johal over tobacco in the early hours of June 14.

During the trial Northampton’s Crown Court heard how Stanley and Johal were childhood friends, and both worked at a garage in Daventry where they met on the evening of the incident.

Johal, who had recently completed his college course, returned to his home on Newbury Drive shortly after midnight with Stanley.

Johal had purchased a crate of 20 beers and a bottle of whiskey. He told the court he and Stanley had each purchased half a gram of cocaine.

The argument over the tobacco began at around 3am, and Johal tried to get Stanley to leave the house.

Johal went into the kitchen and picked up a knife to show Stanley he was ‘serious’ about wanting him to leave.

As Stanley was being forced out the front door, Johal told the court he pushed Stanley’s shoulder with his hand that was holding the knife.

The knife wounded Stanley in the neck, damaging a blood vessel. Stanley died in hospital the next day due to the effects of severe blood loss.

During the trial Johal accepted he had caused Stanley’s death but denied intending to kill him.