Braunston villagers stranded by bus that never comes

Spinney Hill bus stop, Braunston
Spinney Hill bus stop, Braunston

‘Forgotten’ villagers in Braunston are being left stranded by a bus which fails to turn up on its advertised route.

The number 12 Stagecoach bus is supposed to stop in Ashby Road and Spinney Hill every hour six days a week.

However bus drivers ignore the stops, leaving villagers in that part of Braunston having to walk up and down a hill to Welton Road.

Abigail Campbell, Daventry district councillor for Braunston and Welton, said: “The new timetable issued for the number 12 did show it going along Ashby Road.

“This was good news for many residents, particularly the many elderly ones, as there hasn’t been a bus service along this route for some time.

“However, no number 12 has ever taken the timetabled route. Instead they continue along Welton Road, just as they did before. Villagers feel like they are being forgotten.”

However after the issue was raised by the Daventry Express, the buses should now stop to pick up the passengers

Cllr Campbell said that there are also safety concerns surrounding other bus stops in the village.

She said: “There is poor visibility in Welton Road and lots of car parks everywhere. It’s not the safest place to have a bus stop.”

Spinney Hill resident, June Raffell, who drives a mobility scooter, can no longer use the buses in and out of Braunston.

She said: “I can’t use the buses anymore. I could get down the hill but wouldn’t be able to get back up. I have to spend £20 to get taxis to town or more if I’m going to Rugby.”

A sign put onto the bus stop said the timetable was correct as of September 2013.

Cllr Campbell said she has been trying to arrange a meeting with Stagecoach since August.

A spokesman for Stagecoach said: “We are sorry to hear passengers have been unable to catch our route 12 along Ashby Road or Spinney Hill for travel to Daventry or Rugby. We will be stressing the importance of serving this part of Braunston to our drivers and would like to apologise to those that have been inconvenienced.”