Boys on ice sparked search

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WARNINGS have been issued about not venturing onto frozen water in Daventry.

The move comes after two children were seen playing on the ice at Drayton Reservoir, leading to a two-hour search by police and the fire service.

At around 4.45pm a resident called police concerned that two children had been playing on the ice and had made their way to a boat frozen into the water in the middle of the reservoir.

The caller had seen the children bouncing up and down but reported that a minute or so later they had disappeared.

The alert led to a water search plan being launched and police teams being sent out.

The emergency services found no obvious break in the ice and enquiries soon located the two young boys, who said they had walked across the reservoir when police officers spoke to them.

Sergeant Sam Dobbs, of the Daventry Safer Community Team, said: “There was a large deployment at the reservoir for about two hours on Tuesday evening and this was causing some concern to residents, not least those whose children were out at that time and had not come home. I can reassure people that the ice had not been broken and the children spotted on the reservoir were located safe and well.

“This was an incident which drew significantly on the resources of the emergency services and it was down to young people not taking seriously the danger of walking on ice.

“The ice was very thin in parts and these boys were taking a big risk walking across the frozen reservoir. I would urge parents to ensure children are reminded of the considerable risks around frozen water.”