Boxes sent to village’s Royal Navy man

Pictured,from left-Sandra Daniels,Kim Donald,Shela Bell and Val Worrall.
Pictured,from left-Sandra Daniels,Kim Donald,Shela Bell and Val Worrall.

A sailor from Braunston in the Royal Navy and his crewmates are getting extra treats sent out to them thanks to donations at the village shop.

HMS Montrose, a Type 23 frigate, currently on patrol in the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean, is the latest recipient of items donated in Braunston.

Sub Lieutenant Tristan Bell ' deployed over Christmas

Sub Lieutenant Tristan Bell ' deployed over Christmas

Organised by Val Worrall and collected at the village shop – Select Convience –Braunston has sent out 1,325 parcels since April 2007.

Initially they went only to units serving in Afghanistan. At the moment they are sending them to members of the 9/12th Royal Lancers, who recruit from Northamptonshire.

Alongside the units in Afghanistan the team now sends boxes to HMS Montrose. Onboard is 22-year-old Sub Lieutenant Tristan “Dinger” Bell an officer engineering technician (weapons engineer) from Braunston.

His mother Sheila said: “Tristan joined the ship in November 2012 and was deployed in August this year.

“He worked in the village shop in Braunston for two years prior to joining the Navy, and saw all the people donating for the packages for the Army in Afghanistan.

“After he went to see I contacted Val asking if something could be sent out to HMS Monrose and within a short period it was sorted out.

“They’ve had 13 packages so far. There’s seven messes on the ship so they take it in turns to get one. Although Tristan is quite fond of Battenberg cake, so if there’s one in the box I think it gets sent to him!

“The team in charge of the packages have received letters from the captain, and a Christmas card.

“I still send things out to Tristan. I had to send his onsie out to him as he was getting chilly – the temperatures there have dipped to only 25 degrees.

“The strangest thing he asked for was replacement rugby boot studs, as he’d played a match against a team out there and lost some.”

Tristan said: “I spent Christmas onboard HMS Montrose, the most Scottish ship in the fleet. It has been frenetically busy, but good fun with a top notch team to work with and a rugby team to match.

“I would like to wish a Happy Christmas to all my friends and family in Braunston and look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!”