Born on the M45

Baby Alicia with mum Clair Clegg & dad Neil Higgs
Baby Alicia with mum Clair Clegg & dad Neil Higgs

A baby born on the hard shoulder of the M45 is keeping up the family tradition after being delivered by her dad in the back of the car.

Clair Clegg, from Braunston, gave birth to Alicia on Tuesday last week on the motorway while trying to get to hospital.

In a twist of fate Clair’s older sister was delivered in the car by her dad, who also celebrated his 60th birthday on the day Alicia was born.

Clair said: “I was staying at my boyfriend’s house in Rugby when I started getting contractions in the night. Around midnight we rang Northampton General and they said to stay at home and get some sleep. But I was in too much pain, so I went and had a bath to try and relax, but we soon realised we’d have to go to hospital.

“We got in the car and headed down the M45 towards the M1 and Northampton, with me in the back seat screaming.

“It got to a point when I just said we’re going to have to stop at the side of the motorway – I could feel the baby’s head! We rang my parents who were on their way to the hospital.

“My boyfriend Neil delivered the baby on the back seat. My dad and mum arrived next followed soon after by two ambulances.”

Alicia, Clair’s first child, was born at 1.36am on August 12 weighing 5lbs. After the unusual birth mum and daughter were taken to hospital but sent home on Saturday, August 17.

Clair said: “From stopping the car to holding Alicia in my arms was only five minutes. I was shocked by how quickly it all happened.

“Given my sister was delivered in the back of a car, I guess we’re keeping up the family tradition.”

Neil, who is a trained first-aider, said: “To be honest it all happened so fast. One minute we were driving on the motorway, the next I had Alicia in my arms. The scariest part was waiting for the ambulance to turn up when you’re on your own on the hard shoulder.”