Book released on spectral past of historic building

The ghostly history of one of Daventry’s oldest structures is exhumed in a new book released by ghost detective Adrian Perkins.

Number three High Street is presently the premises of Dawn Branigan’s First Light Photographic (pictured on page 10) and the subject of a thorough historical and paranormal investigation in ‘Ghost Detective 6’, along with The Old Red Lion pub in Kislingbury. Adrian charts the history of what is one of Daventry’s oldest buildings as far back as 1841, though the original structure dates back as far as the 15th century.

Ghost detective Adrian Perkins & Lewis Dellar, pictured in the cellar's at the Moot Hall.

Ghost detective Adrian Perkins & Lewis Dellar, pictured in the cellar's at the Moot Hall.

As a timber-framed building it is unusual for Northamptonshire which has historically had a tradition of building homes from stone.

Dawn Branigan, who has worked in the building for more than 12 years, said she has frequently experienced unusual feelings and strange noises in various parts of the property.

Spirits believed by investigators to be inhabiting the property include a little boy called Tom, a girl called Rosie and an unnamed male ghost.

In 2013 the building made headlines after a child’s trike was discovered in a hidden attic room during restoration work. Adrian said: “I think the results of the investigations are quite interesting.

“We have been able to trace through history to establish people’s names and people who lived there in the past. It is very important we do that.

“First Light Photographic is one of the best investigations we have done so far.”

As well as rifling through archives and speaking to historians, Adrian with a team of mediums and other brave souls have got to grips with hot-spots of paranormal activity in various parts of the structure, including areas under the stairs and in the cellar, where Adrian and his team – armed with recording devices and electromagnetic frequency detectors –have stayed late into the night.

He said: “We had set up infrared cameras in all the rooms so we could see what people are doing and what their reaction is to what is going on around them.

“But you have to be careful with EMF detectors as these are affected by GPS and phone signals.” Adrian had previously written children’s stories before he got into paranormal investigations. These include the Moot Hall and, currently, the history of the town’s Temperance Hotel from around 1911. However, his interest in the paranormal started early due to an experience he had when he was just a child.

“I have been doing this for over 25 years. When I was six years old something came and sat on my bed. I thought that it was my mum or dead, but when I rolled towards it I could see through it. It was a figure of a man with his head in his hands; I could see the wallpaper through it.”

Despite having concluded his investigation for now, Adrian says he is looking forward to see what secrets may be unearthed in the overhaul of the property due to begin in the coming months.

He added: “When we come to the refurbishment of the property I can’t wait to see what we will find.”

‘Ghost Hunter 6’ will be launched on May 9 at The Old Red Lion, Kislingbury.