Bomb squad called to Bugbrooke

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A BOMB squad was called to Bugbrooke at the weekend after police found ‘suspicious items’ during a search of a house in the street.

The team was called to Smitherway on Saturday afternoon after officers from Northamptonshire Police visited a house as part of an ongoing investigation.

It has not yet been revealed what was found inside the property, but as well as a number of police officers, the bomb squad from RAF Wittering in Peterborough and fire crews from Northamptonshire and Nottinghamshire were called to the scene.

Inspector Dennis Murray from Northamptonshire Police said: “We executed a search warrant at an address in Bugbrooke.

“During the search we found items that were suspicious and as a safety precaution we called the bomb disposal squad.”

About 25 people were evacuated from houses immediately surrounding the house where the suspicious items had been found.

Among them was the chairman of Bugbrooke St Michael’s Football Club, Will Marriott, who set up the club as an emergency evacuation centre after being told to leave his own home.

He said: “At about 2.30pm, I had a policeman knock on the door to say I’d got to get out.

“As I left the house, I saw the bomb disposal robot on the road so I spoke to the police and said they could use the football club as an evacuation centre.

“I’ve lived in Bugbrooke for 30 years and I’ve never known anything like this, but the police were very nice and made sure everyone had somewhere to go before they were evacuated.”

Smitherway was re-opened at about 6.30pm and people were allowed to return to their homes.

But as neighbours went back to their properties, police officers remained inside the house which had been at the centre of the drama to carry out further investigations.