Blooming good work

Allotments in Daventry will be producing more than just vegetables this spring thanks to the hard work of a group of volunteers.

Staff from Cummins in Daventry planted a variety of spring flowers at the entrances to the allotment in Drayton and off Welton Road as part of Daventry District Council’s ongoing wildflower projects.

It is hoped the flowers will promote biodiversity by providing an early source of nectar for any insects that come out of hibernation in the late winter/early spring, such as bumblebees and over-wintering butterflies.

Tulips, daffodils, hyacinth, muscari and crocus bulbs were all planted.

The planting was carried out in partnership with Daventry Town Council, which runs the allotments in town, with the bulbs provided by Daventry District Council.

The district council’s wildflower projects are also supported by the Northamptonshire Local Nature Partnership (N-LNP), which is made up of a number of organisations including thedistrict council itself – that work together to drive positive change in the county’s natural environment.

Cllr Alan Hills is community, culture and leisure portfolio holder at Daventry District Council.

He said: “Our Big Poppy Plant and Mini Wildflower Meadows schemes have proved extremely popular in recent years, both enhancing the biodiversity of the district as well as helping to bring communities together.

“This is an extension of that work, and I would like to thank all the volunteers from Cummins for their hard work, as well as Daventry Town Council for their support.

“I for one am looking forward to seeing the beautiful displays when these bulbs flower in the spring.”

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