Biomass plant plan for Daventry

The planned alterations to the building
The planned alterations to the building

A planning application has gone in for a new biomass electricity generating plant on the edge of Daventry.

The new facility would be built on Browns Road, and would replace the current composting equipment.

GP Planning has lodged the application with Northamptonshire County Council on behalf of Earthworm Energy.

The plant will use waste wood to generate around 1MW of electricity which will be fed into the National Grid.

The new plant would take 30,000 tonnes of pre-shredded wood waste each year, and heat it to produce steam. The steam is then used to drive turbines and produce power. What remains of the wood in terms of ash can be composted.

After being used to drive the turbines the steam will then be used to process waste water . The waste water is heated using the steam and evaporated, leaving a residue of sludge which taken off site and used in composting.

The planning application details filters used to trap any ash, scrubbers used to remove smells from the steam, and biofilters used to clean all air being extracted from the plant building.

The application states the expected operating hours of the generator will be 24 hours a day, but normal working and deliveries will take place between 7am and 5pm Monday to Friday, and 7am to 1pm on Saturdays.

There will be 30 HGV deliveries per day delivering to the site. Minimal transport will be required to remove the residue waste from the facility, and the documents say where possible HGVs delivering to the site will be utilised.

Northamptonshire County Council, rather than Daventry District Council, will be the planning authority as the proposals deal with waste disposal. DDC will still get to put its views forward, but the final decision lies with NCC.

To view the application and comment, go to

The consultation ends on September 17.