Biomass energy plant for Daventry set to get planning approval

County Hall
County Hall

A biomass power plant for Daventry looks set to get permission next week.

The small-scale power generation plant would be located on Browns Road on the edge of the town, an would replace an existing in-vessel composting facility.

The planning application – because it would deal with burning waste wood and treating waste water – will go before Northamptonshire County Council’s development control committee on Tuesday February 23.

Officers have recommended the plans for approval.

The planning officer’s report states the new facility would take in around 30,000 tonnes of pre-shredded wood waste per year which it would burn to generate electricity. Steam used in the generating process would then be used to treat waste water by using the heat to evaporate off the water, leaving behind any contaminants.

Ash from the wood and the sludge from the water process can then be used in composting.

Daventry Town Council has objected to the proposals, as has the residents association of the nearby Drayton estate.

They voice fears over smells and pollutants being carried over the town and increased traffic.

There are also worries over the impact a 60ft chimney will have on the surround area.

The issues are echoed by the area’s county councillor Adam Collyer, who has also objected to the scheme.

Daventry District Council has no objected to the plans, but the environmental protection team has raised several issues to be dealt with using conditions attached to any planning permission.

Steps taken to reduce the impact of the facility include scrubbers and filters on the outgoing gas and air, and a notice to the firm that any complaints about smells, noise, dust or lighting will be investigated by the county council.

The committee meeting runs from 10am to 1pm on Tuesday February 23 at County Hall in Northampton.