Bins get picked up by new firm

BIN collections, maintenance of Daventry Country Park and street cleaning services have been privatised by Daventry District Council.

On Wednesday night last week the council, along with Northampton Borough Council, signed a joint contract with Enterprise Managed Services Ltd

For households in Daventry a major change will be the introduction of kitchen waste recycling later this year.

There will also be deep clean regimes, assisted collections for people who struggle with their bins, and a ‘grot spot’ hotline to report problems.

DDC managing director Ian Vincent said: “This groundbreaking partnership with Northampton Borough Council and Enterprise will enable us to make our environmental services more efficient while improving value for money for residents.

“Daventry district has a national reputation for innovative work in environmental services and, thanks to the efforts of residents, an excellent track record in recycling.

“This new contract will allow us to build further on these achievements.”

The council is keen to point out that although the bin service has been contracted out, legally the council is still responsible should there be any problems.

Along with bin collections, the new company will also be responsible for maintaining Daventry Country Park, running the town’s markets, sweeping streets and looking after Daventry’s parks and cemetery.

With regard to the country park, DDC said it will retain responsibility for overall management plus community and education, but day-to-day maintenance will fall to Enterprise.

Managing director of Enterprise’s local government division Martin Joyce said: “We are delighted to have won this new contract. The innovative approaches we have agreed with the partnership will deliver considerable benefits to the residents and businesses in Daventry and Northampton.

“The long duration of the contract will ensure that the investment we shall make in, for example, training and equipment, will provide significant benefits for all stakeholders.”