Bin problems are being addressed

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STEPS are being taken to tackle problems with bin collections in Daventry, according to the company behind them.

Last week the Daventry Express reported complaints about Enterprise bin collections were more than double those when the service was run by Daventry District Council.

Simone Wade, partnership director at Enterprise, said: “What we’re introducing is an in-cab device on lorries, so if someone calls up asking why their bin’s not been collected we can track where the lorry is on its route, and if there’s any problems the crews can log them on the system.

“We do use agency workers at the moment. We took a lot on for the transfer from the council, and we’re now reducing it back to normal levels.

“With agency positions you do get a lot of turn-over, and that can cause problems.

“We’re working to reduce the number of agency positions and turning some into permanent staff.”

She added: “With regard to bin collections, we had a few issues at the time of the recent hot weather with a spate of vehicles breaking down.

“But, if you think about it we’re going to some 135,000 houses every day, and at each one there could be a bin, two recycling boxes and food waste.

“So you can see in a six-day working week we’re picking up millions of bins.

“Our service is good, but even with the best service there will be times when bins get missed.

Mrs Wade added that the weather had played a big part in recent problems with both bin collections and grass cutting. She said: “We did have a problem with grass cutting.

“The weather we’ve had, where it’s been wet and then sunny, promotes a lot of growth, but we can’t always get our mowers onto the ground as it’s waterlogged and that could churn it all up. We did have additional staff on over the bank holiday weekend to catch up.”

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