Big Butterfly Count takes place in Northamptonshire

Gardeners are being encouraged to take part in the 5th annual Big Butterfly Count, a nationwide survey aimed at assessing the health of the butterfly and moth population.

Peter Burks
Peter Burks

Launched in 2010 ,it has become the world’s biggest survey of butterflies with more than 44,000 people taking part in 2014, counting almost 560,000 individual butterflies and day-flying moths across the UK.

To link in with the national Big Butterfly Count, which runs until August 9, will offer advice on encouraging the insects.

Peter Burks, horticultural expert at, said: “We believe supporting the Big Butterfly Count is extremely important so we’ve decided to put together free advice and tips for gardeners wanting to attract the insects to their gardens.

“Butterflies and moths are very important to allotment holders, gardeners and smallholders because, as they feed on flower nectar, they transfer pollen on their bodies and legs from one plant to another.”