Bid goes in for Government cash to improve Daventry town centre

DAVENTRY has made a bid for a slice of £1 million of Government cash to help improve and reinvigorate the town centre.

The bid, for Daventry to get one of the ‘Portas Pilots’ was submitted ahead of the deadline on Friday, March 30.

Daventry’s bid is being led by the Daventry Business Partnership which is run by Sally Halson, with support from various people and organisations, including the district council, town council and local traders.

In support of Daventry’s bid a film (the ‘Daventry Portas Pilots 2012 Video’) has been produced which can be viewed online at YouTube.

The Portas Pilot schemes will put into practice some of the recommendations may by retail guru Mary Portas in her recent report to the Government of the state of the nation’s high streets and what needs to be done to reinvigorate them.

Hundreds of towns are expected to have applied for part of the £1 million funding. But only 12 will be chosen to receive funding during the pilot stage.