Better links for station

Long Buckby station
Long Buckby station

BETTER links to Long Buckby Train Station are planned to improve public transport in Daventry.

Currently the train station is linked to Daventry via a single bus service, Stagecoach’s number 11. The earliest bus from Daventry to the train station on a weekday morning is 9.21am, long after the morning rush hour to Northampton, Birmingham and London.

Part of Daventry District Council’s investigation of alternative and modern transport systems, like the old PRT pods, and the automatic buses (or group rapid transport – GRT) currently favoured, includes how to better link the town and its station.

A cycle route currently runs from the train station to Long Buckby Wharf and it is DDC’s plan to extend that all the way to Daventry. Providing such a transport corridor could also provide the roadways needed for GRTs or other guided vehicles to run.

Simon Bovey, deputy chief executive at DDC, said: “Work to the Long Buckby Wharf crossroads on the A5 is included in the work needed for the Church Fields extension to Daventry.

“If we are to get more people not in cars to cross the A5 there, it needs to be made safer and easier for them. But that is some years off yet.”