Below the Radar: Read this! And never worry about fashion again.

Susan Rasmussen
Susan Rasmussen
  • Columnist Susan Rasmussen looks at fashion
  • The well-dressed woman is rarely wearing what’s in the news
  • Retro only works for the young

I’ve been scanning magazines, newspapers, press releases, Facebook and Twitter conversations, trying to get a sense of what the coming seasons have in store for anyone interested in the fashion industry.

We all buy clothes, unless we’re aiming to freeze or get arrested, so what is out there affects us all.

To a greater or lesser extent we all choose what to wear, and to a greater or lesser extent we don’t wear the same stuff that we, our parents, or our grandparents were wearing years ago. (See below)

Randomly, I’ve read that the trend is military (swap your winter parkas for elegant khaki suede) sexy (your underwear is showing, basically) seventies (flares, blockheeled clogs and a lot of orange) denim (again, again) monochrome, ....what to do? What to buy?

The well-dressed woman is rarely wearing what is most in the news.

Whether she wants to look pretty or elegant, co-ordinated or original, chic or glamorous, she knows what suits her.

She wears the colours that make her look younger and healthier, styles that fit well and flatter her shape, and project her personality.

She is wearing clothes and accessories that create an image she controls.

They are appropriate for her everyday lifestyle and special occasions. She stays current with a hit of this season’s colour, wise spending on accessorises and keeping an eye on trends.

Did you see fashion mentioned? Find your style and colours and your choices all fall into place. Keep reading this column for clues and hints on how to find your style.

BTW, the only people who look good, and not sad or frumpy, in retro styles are the very young. I know because I’ve been there, but I’ve learned.

Unless you’re a member of The Sealed Knot or on your way to a VE night recreation, mature ladies: stop it now. Right now.

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