Batch of pork sausages '˜could cause food poisoning' warns Food Standards Agency

Product warningProduct warning
Product warning
Pork sausages and stuffing balls acquired by butchers from Asda and Marks and Spencer could cause food poisoning, health watchdogs have warned.

The products found on sale at Nicholls Meats shops in Norfolk have been recalled due to some of the use-by dates being over two years old.

They include ASDA and M&S branded products and could have been purchased up until Monday 19 December and are not suitable for freezing.

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ASDA and M&S products on sale in ASDA and M&S retail outlets are not affected.

The Food Standards Agency said on its website: “The sale of these goods breaches ASDA and M&S’s strict policies on surplus stock.

“ASDA and M&S are not involved in the distribution or facilitation of the incident. The products could pose a risk of food poisoning.”

They include ASDA Extra Special Branded Pork, Mulled Cranberry & Orange Stuffing with a use by date of 24 Oct 2014 and a Marks & Spencer Branded British Pork, Sage & Onion Stuffing with a use by date of 29 Dec 2014 .

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A Marks & Spencer Branded British Pork & Roasted Red Onion Stuffing has a use by date of 26 Dec 2014.

The statement said: “The FSA is informing consumers who have bought these products not to consume them.”

It added: “Heads of Environmental Health Services and Directors of Trading Standards should be aware that a number of pork stuffing products and pork cocktail sausages, found on sale at different shops trading as Nicholls Meats Ltd in the Norfolk area have ‘use by’ dates that have been extended beyond those set by the manufacturers without appropriate scientific evidence.

“These products may not have been kept under the correct temperature control, had been previously frozen and are also the subject of a number of labelling and traceability contraventions.

“If you have bought any of the above products from Nichols Meats Ltd, do not consume them.”