Barby woman shares her secret to reaching centenary

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A 100-YEAR-OLD woman from Barby knows the art of a long and happy life after celebrating her centenary this month.

Hester McClintoch celebrated her centenary on Saturday, September 1 at Barby Village Hall and says the secret to life is knowing when to stop.

Mrs McClintoch said: “You can enjoy good food or a drink but it’s important to know when you need to stop.”

In celebration of the milestone Mrs McClintoch was treated to a surprise ride in a classic MG two-seater sports car driven and owned by Terry Baulch of the Kilsby MG Car Club.

The mother of three, described by friends and family as a real character, still has a keen interest in art following her days as a teacher.

She said: “My eyesight might be getting worse but I still like to walk around and share advice with the others.”