Bangladeshi head visits village school

Alan Hackett, Shamim Al Mamum and Claire Fleming
Alan Hackett, Shamim Al Mamum and Claire Fleming

A secondary school has played host to a visit from a headteacher in Bangladesh.

Campion School in Kislingbury Road welcomed Mohammed Shamim Al Mamun who is from Hugra Habib Kader High School in Tangail.

The visit has been made possible following funding from the British Council.

During his time at the school he attended lessons and met with various subject leaders with a view to learning new ideas about developing teaching, management and student leadership within his own school.

This is the first stage in what it is hoped will develop into a long lasting relationship.

Campion staff and students are already excited about a planned return visit to Bangladesh in the near future.

Claire Fleming, assistant headteacher said: “As a school, this serves as the next stepping stone in its Olympic legacy, following upon the strand of international inspiration.

“It is everyday practices such as these which has been recognised by the Department for International Development and Oxfam.

“We have been invited to work as a regional school for the East Midlands region in terms of supporting other schools in developing their global learning.

“Everyone is part of a global community – impacting upon, and being affected by, what happens elsewhere in the world.”