Balloons released at a primary school to mark their values

Youngsters at Staverton Primary School launching balloons
Youngsters at Staverton Primary School launching balloons

There were 100 balloons released by pupils at a primary school to celebrate the launch of their school’s values.

The event was held at Staverton Primary School on Wednesday, February 25 and the pupils created balloon artwork and explored the meaning of each value. The day culminated in a balloon release, with each house releasing their colour balloon to symbolise the values which they live by and enabling them to ‘aim high’ in all aspects of their life.

Parents were invited to share this moment with a very excited school of children! 

Only two hours after the release, the first balloon had been reported as landing in Surrey, with the next one reported as landing next to a gentleman on a North London golf course! To date the furthest reported is East Sussex.

Ruth Walker-Green, Headteacher, said: “The enthusiasm of the children has been a joy to experience. Our Values Launch is just the start of our values journey and we are so pleased with the children’s response. We look forward to the impact our new school values will have on the whole school community.”