‘Awesome’ result for Daventry Town

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It was a day of celebration at Daventry Town FC after they secured a place in the first round proper of the FA Cup.

Their 1-6 victory over Hartley Wintney last Saturday saw them survive the five rounds of knock-out qualifiers for he world famous cup.

Now The Town will face Chesterfield FC on Saturday, November 9.

Iain Humphrey, chairman of Daventry Town, said: “It’s been an awesome season. Before we started we got in place a new bonus structure for the team and had the usual discussions, but we didn’t even think about an FA Cup run.

“We went on to win eight games in a row, and we got through the five qualifying rounds for the FA Cup.

“Running up to Saturday’s game the team was confident; they thought the draw was the best they could have got. I was really nervous, we were so close and I could just imagine something silly tripping us up.

“And then Hartley scored first and my heart sank.

“But the guys picked themselves back up and went on to score again and again.

“After the game we had to face the draw for the first round. I was with about 150 others at the clubhouse, and I couldn’t watch the TV. We got Chesterfield away and although I did want to bring some FA Cup action to Daventry, I think it’s a good draw – they’ve got a new ground and they get a good crowd. Hopefully we’ll be able to get a good number of our fans up there.”

It’s been seven years since Daventry Town was facing closure, the clubhouse had been the victim of a fire and the finances seemed uncertain. It was then Mr Humphrey stepped in and offered his support.

Mr Humphrey said: “The standard of football from the guys is fantastic, and has been all season. Even when we’ve been 1-0 down in a couple of games, they’ve come back and fought back to a win.

“Our gate numbers had been falling in recent years, down to double digits at one point, but this run has seen it pick up again and we had about 250 on Saturday.

“For me it was always about getting the junior and youth teams working, to see the club be part of the community. It has been seven years of hard work, and it has been expensive too!

“We want to get as many people as possible to come to Chesterfield, so we’re going to be doing some special offers in the paper next week.”