Authors’ books on the shelf at county libraries

The complete works of William Shakespeare tops a list of books which have not left Northamptonshire’s libraries in the past two years.

Northamptonshire County Council has released a list of the least popular books at the county’s 36 libraries with 2,622 books have not left library shelves in the past two years.

Among them are classics such as Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy and the complete works of Shakespeare, as well as more modern works such as Crystal by former glamour model Jordan and children’s books written by Geri Halliwell.

The council’s cabinet member for libraries, Cllr Heather Smith said: “It could be that some people don’t know we have these books and after seeing this list, they’ll taken them out. Every so often though, we do have a review of the stock we’ve got and the less popular books are sold off.”

Celebrity authors featured highly on the list. Biographies which remained on the shelves included those by Jonathan Ross, David Beckham, Anne Robinson and Michael Parkinson while chefs Delia Smith and Gordon Ramsey were also snubbed.