Australia flies the flag for friendship in Flore

A HIGH ranking official from Australia has visited the area to celebrate a village project.

John Dauth, the Australian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, visited the Millennium Hall in Flore on Tuesday for the annual lunch of the village's Commonwealth Flag Project.

Joining him were Kimberley Durrant, representing the Governor of Bermuda and Simon Gimson, head of the secretary general's office at the Commonwealth.

Aside from the lunch, visitors also got the chance to see the ever growing exhibition of vice regal standards, a collection of flags from all around the world.

Mr Dauth said: "It is a very lively display and I think it is a very nice project for a village like this to undertake.

"Flore is a very pretty little village from what I have seen in a pretty part of the country.

"The welcome I have had from the people of the village has been very warm.

"There are 54 members of the Commonwealth with a lot of countries from all over the world. It is about us extending the message that the Commonwealth stands for friendship."

The privately funded Flore Commonwealth Flag Project was set up four years ago and gives financial aid following natural disasters and flies different Commonwealth flags near the Millennium Hall.

Pupils from Flore Primary School will be taking part in the project by designing a flag for the village which will be flown when there are no Commonwealth flags flying.

Johnnie Amos, president of the project, said: "It is really good for us to have someone like these visitors because it gives the project a status.

"It is events like this which help put the project and Flore on the map.

"We are working hard to get all of the vice regal standards. We have 30 out of the 44 now."