Artwork to create a brighter future

MHDE Binty Bint NNL-140804-122430001
MHDE Binty Bint NNL-140804-122430001

A pioneering project to introduce street art to many of Daventry’s walls and subways is the inspiration of a town centre businessman.

The idea came to Evergreen Art Cafe owner Simon Williams while he was doing some repair work on the side of his building in Sheaf Street.

He said: “I thought it would be a fantastic idea to give the town a fresh new look and it would also be something a bit different.”

Mr Williams is now looking at working with a number of artists associated with art agency Washington Green, but is also keen to hear the thoughts of local people.

Mr Williams added: “I think it could be a great thing for the local community.

“We are going to try to get into schools and get some of the children to come up with ideas about what they would like to see as well.

“We are also after help from local businesses to donate some resources to help us carry out the task.

“One of the ideas we had is to try to do this every year so we could put some of the art on canvas, which we could keep changing.”

He is now waiting to get the green light before moving ahead with the project.

Mr Williams added: “We should hopefully get the go-ahead from Daventry District Council (DDC) in the next couple of weeks. But they think it is a great idea.”

The council has stated its support for the idea.

One of the artists working on the project is Binty Bint, a street artist from Daventry who has seen her work sold in galleries including Evergreen and in Notting Hill recently.

Binty, whose trademark work is chickens, thinks the project could give the town a real lift. She said: “I think it will brighten up the place and have a positive impact. It should be a really good thing for the town.

“I will hopefully be working to find other artists to get involved and doing some of the painting.”

Anyone who has any ideas or wants to get involved in the project can either pop into the gallery or email