Arsonists target Daventry allotments

One of the sheds burnt in the attack
One of the sheds burnt in the attack

Daventry’s Allotment Association has vowed to overcome the damage and devastation left after two arson attacks on its members’ sheds at the weekend.

Fire broke out at the Welton Road allotments, near the iCon building, at just after 2am on Sunday.

The second shed targeted

The second shed targeted

Two separate sheds were set alight, with the fire then spreading to nearby bins and compost stores, as well as the wooden shed and neighbouring trees.

Flames from the fires would have been visible above the trees.

The heat from the fire also significantly damaged plants being grown up to several metres away, and melted plastic bird scarers as well.

Items in the sheds were also destroyed, including gardening tools and supplies, as well as furniture of great sentimental value owned by one couple who regularly sat outside their shed enjoying a drink surrounded by their allotment.

Dave Bruce, from the allotment association, said: “We found out when we came up here on Sunday morning.

“It’s devastating for the two couples who is happened to. One of them was just about in tears over it. And it’s not just a shed, it’s the hard work people put into their allotments as well.

“It’s also a worry for the rest of us as well. But we will work together to get it cleared up and sorted out.”

The allotments are run by Daventry Town Council, which is already in touch with the police and fire service, as well as the safer community partnership, to see what can be done to try and stop similar attacks in future.

Allotments around the town have been hit by vandals in the past, usually damaging plants or breaking into sheds. This prompted a security review which lead to improvements in fencing and gates. But the Welton Road allotments are particularly vulnerable because Daventry District Council requires access to the site at all times as it owns land at the far side of the plot. This limits the type of security that can be applied to the gate.

Cllr Wendy Randall, chairman of the town council, said: “I’m sad and really disappointed that somebody has done this type of thing to members of our community.”

Deborah Jewell, clerk of the town council, added: “The town council members will be discussing this and will try to do whatever possible to help those affected, and prevent it happening in future.”

Anyone with information should contact Northamptonshire Police on 101, or speak to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.