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World book day at Falconer's Hill Infant School
World book day at Falconer's Hill Infant School

Youngsters across the Daventry district have been celebrating the written word by joining in World Book Day.

Children at a number of schools and nurseries took part in the event which is designed to encourage reading. There was fun and activities at the Danetre and Southbrook Learning Village (DSLV), St James and Falconer’s Hill Infant School’s in Daventry while the schools in Badby and Weedon also took part.

Headteacher at Falconer’s Hill Infant’s School Coleen Wilkins said: “We turn each of our classes into a different country and, with passports in hand, the children visit each country over a few days experiencing the culture, history & geography, food, music – and of course hearing traditional stories from the respective countries/continents. This year we are visiting Russia, China, India, Australia, Brazil and Africa.

The visits really bring the countries to life for the children and they enjoy wonderful experiences.”

At the DSLV, youngsters were encouraged to dress up as characters from their favourite Roald Dahl novel. It was the first time the all-through academy had held the event.

Some of the teachers joined in too, dressing up as the Twits and perform a play for the children.

The children at St James Infant School also dressed up in a wide range of wacky outfits and created a special area in the library to mark the event.

Pupils at Weedon Bec Primary School and Badby Primary School dressed up as their favourite literary characters.

Each class at Badby chose a book and pupils dressed up as a character in that book. Among those chosen were Peter Pan and Wind in the Willows.