£5 tax rise backed by councillors

A proposed £5 increase on Daventry District Council's share of council tax has cleared its first hurdle.

Members of DDC’s strategy group backed the rise on Thursday night.

The planned increase follows more details being released about the council’s funding settlement from the Government, which faces an anticipated cut of 16 per cent - higher than the 10% originally factored into the authority’s financial plans.

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The £5 equates to 9.6p week on DDC’s part of the Council Tax bill, taking the annual cost of its precept for an average Band D property to approximately £132.93.

DDC is one of the 51 local authorities with the lowest council tax rates and the Government will allow these councils to raise their precepts by up to £5 in 2016/17 without requiring a referendum.

The strategy group formally recommended the increase, which will now go before full council on February 25, before the council tax rate is officially set at a second council meeting on February 29.

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