Apple repair store in village

Abbie Dudley at Everything Apple
Abbie Dudley at Everything Apple

A new store specialising in repairing Apple products has opened up in Weedon.

Everything Apple, which is based in the High Street, says it is one of the leading motherboard repair specialists in the United Kingdom, providing repair services for all makes and models of mobile, laptops, and tablets, but with a specialiality in Apple items.

The manager Abbie Dudley said: “We had been doing a few repairs online and then we saw the opportunity to open the shop and we took the chance.

“It is great for us because we live locally and it is a really good location. We saw a gap in the market because people looking to get their products repaired would have to travel to Leicester or Milton Keynes.”

The centre has been open for two months and they have already been delighted with the response.

Miss Dudley said: “We have had a lot of people come and see us ever since we have opened. And we have had lots of good feedback from people so we are delighted with how it has gone so far.

“One of our technicians is one of the leading specialists in mirco-soldering which means we can do repairs beyond cracked screens and do much more specialised repairs. While we specialise in Apple products, we will be happy to look at any make ormodels and games consoles.”

Despite only been in Weedon for a short time, there are plans for both the short term and the long term.

Miss Dudley added: “We want to have a little internet cafe for customers when they come in and have their products fixed. Or for use for anyone who hasn’t got a computer or a printer. In the very long term, we would like to be an authorised Apple reseller but there are steps to take before we can do that.”

For further details on the centre visit or call 01327 584001.