Appeal for skate ramp

AN APPEAL has been put out to parents in Braunston to come forward and help get a skateboard park set up in the village.

Efforts are being made by the Braunston Playing Fields Association (BPFA) to get the park following requests from youngsters.

The BPFA chairman Louis Prat said: “We have had requests over the years and we are looking at trying to get one.

“There are unfortunately not that many members of the committee who have the time to take something like this on.

“It would be ideal if the parents of youngsters who wanted to see this built could come forward and help out.”

A meeting called by BPFA is inviting parents to come forward and will be held at Braunston Village Hall on Thursday, January 26, starting at 7.30pm.

Mr Prat added that if someone was to come forward and if funding is secured then building work could start within a year.