Anniversary celebrations

Ron and Doreen Masters
Ron and Doreen Masters

A Long Buckby couple have celebrated their diamond anniversary, marking 60 years since meeting at a Daventry cinema.

Ron and Doreen Masters of Hammas Leys, Long Buckby didn’t let a sudden shower dampen their spirits on Thursday, July 28 when they put on a garden party for friends and family.

Doreen, 81, said: “I was saying to Ron what a disaster it would be if it rained. But we obviously did something right at the party because they stayed for hours.”

Doreen met Ron, who is 85, when she was just 15. She said: “I lived in Daventry at the time. There was a cinema and everyone used to queue up outside. Ron had a motorbike. We met when we came out of the cinema. We got chatting and he took me for a ride on his bike.

“That was the start of it.”

Ron and Doreen, who have two sons, Gary and Kevin, were married at Daventry’s Holy Cross Church in 1954.

At their party on Thursday they danced to Nat King Cole’s Too Young, the song they remember listening to when they were courting.

Doreen said: “We asked them to play that tune which took us back, but we got quite emotional.”

The Masters have lived and worked around Long Buckby their entire lives.

They have now lived in their bungalow in Hammas Leys with their cat Jasper for seven years, since moving away from their previous home on East Street which they designed and built themselves.

Ron, who ran a skip rental business for 40 years, was too young to be enlisted during the Second World War, but like most men of his generation, saw military service abroad where he served in a regiment stationed in Germany in 1947.

He said: “I remember when I first signed up on March 6 1947. We had snow up to six feet and it was March and April. I met the sergeant major and from that day my feet didn’t touch the ground.”

But Ron had his own nearly fatal brush with guns not while serving but at home at the age of just 13 when a friend accidently shot him through the left arm with a service revolver belonging to a soldier on leave.

When asked what the secret of their happy marriage was, Ron said: “It’s a bit of give and take. We’ve had our ups and downs, but we’ve always stuck together.”

He added: “Everything we have we have worked for.”